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Patrick Dempsey as Ronald Miller in Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

seriously though about me television

Turn-ons: Continuity in television series

omg h8 all of you mark ruffalo paul rudd

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no rdj the worst

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 Stiles Stilinski → un-fucking-believable grace 

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MARK i just can't sdcc14

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5 year old’s reaction to The Avengers cast walking out for their panel:

[sees RDJ] “I can’t believe Tony Stark is a real person!”

[sees Chris Hemsworth] “Wow, Thor!”

[sees Chris Evans] “Oh… he does NOT look like Captain America.”

nah sdcc14

Entertainment Weekly Comic Con portrait

Entertainment Weekly Comic Con portrait

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number one in my heart rdj

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like a literal puppy tyler posey

make me choose
anonymous asked: tyler posey or tyler hoechlin

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